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Just What Are The Benefits Of Safety and Security Film?

What is Safety and Security Film?

Safety and Security Window Film is a highly engineered, polyester film composite. It undergoes various testing and treatments to provide, a high degree of safety. Additional coatings on security films can offer other features such as solar control, glare protection, privacy and decorative enhancements for windows.

Does Safety and Security Film Help with Accidental Glass Breakage?

Yes, it does. Accidental breakage can occur when people or property come into contact with glazing. Whether accidental or deliberate, glass breakage can lead to serious or even fatal injury. If impact with glazing does occur and the glass breaks, security Window Film works to hold glass together in place, lessening the risk and severity of injury.

How Does Safety and Security Film Help In Adverse Weather Conditions?

Powerful winds, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes can be damaging to people and property. Security Window Film may add shatter and tear resistance to glazing, helping it to absorb the impact of any debris, and helping the glass to remain intact during adverse weather conditions. Substantial damage can be caused by wind-borne debris colliding with glazing. In addition, if a window shatters and an opening is created, wind pressure inside a building may cause catastrophic damage. When the glass window remains in the window frame with security film, even if the glass itself has been shattered, the interior is more protected from the elements.

What About Safety and Security Film and Blast Mitigation?

The majority of injuries associated with bomb blasts are not caused by the blast itself, but by the glass shards from surrounding windows and doors that are blown out by the shock wave of the blast itself.

Security Window Film helps to protect people and property by holding the glass together in the event of an attack.

Are There Any Other Benefits Of Safety And Security Film?

Security Window Film is cost effective and non-disruptive to install, and may offer a range of additional benefits such as improved thermal comfort, increased privacy and improved appearance. Based on proven energy savings, security films may also have a fast payback period. These films block 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays that contribute to fading of furnishings and cause harm to the skin in the form of cancers, cataracts and wrinkling.

Information contained in this posting is courtesy of IWFA


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