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  • Bank of America Case Study by Avery Dennison. DS BLUE 35X FILM- Extreme building makeover

    The golden bronze appearance of the multi-story Bank of America Financial Center in Phoenix, Arizona, was preventing building owners Omninet from maximizing the real estate value before sale. Architectural tastes had changed, and the shiny, bronze glazing looked dated. However, replacing the entire glazing system would be prohibitively expensive, running over millions of dollars, and involving much disruption to employees and customers. What could be done?

  • Using Indoor Sunlight To Improve Your Mood, Make You Feel Warmer, Protecting Skin and Furnishings

    Washington, D.C. - With November 3 marking the end of Daylight Savings and more pronounced shorter periods of daylight in the northern hemisphere, the nonprofit International Window Film Association is offering advice on how to maximize the benefits of indoor sunlight, while protecting the skin and furnishings. Shorter days and limited sunlight can cause people to feel down, decrease productivity and disturb natural sleep patterns. In more extreme cases the result is a form of depression know as #SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Fortunately exposure to bright light has been shown to alleviate the condition and improve performance. For example, according to the U.S Department of Education, children perform better in environments with natural light. Students in classrooms with the most day-lighting had a 20 percent better learning rate in math and 26 percent improved rate in reading compared to classrooms with little or no day-lighting. Similarly, a Cornell University study reports workers exposed to optimal daylight had a two percent increase in productivity, the equivalent of an additional $100,000 a year of value for every 100 workers. Workers in offices with optimized natural light also reported an 84 percent drop in symptoms of eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision symptoms, all of which can detract from productivity if not addressed. "On the other hand, too much indoor sunlight can be too bright and too warm, causing glare and thermal stress," said Darrell Smith, executive director of the IWFA. "The key is to balance the need for abundant natural light with the need to offer an even comfort level and protection for the skin and furnishings from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays," he added. Professionally installed window film may allow in ample natural sunlight without the downside risk of harmful UV rays that may damage the skin and eyes, cause hot-spots, glare and lead to higher energy costs. This article courtesy of the IWFA

  • Just What Are The Benefits Of Safety and Security Film?

    What is Safety and Security Film? Safety and Security Window Film is a highly engineered, polyester film composite. It undergoes various testing and treatments to provide, a high degree of safety. Additional coatings on security films can offer other features such as solar control, glare protection, privacy and decorative enhancements for windows. Does Safety and Security Film Help with Accidental Glass Breakage? Yes, it does. Accidental breakage can occur when people or property come into contact with glazing. Whether accidental or deliberate, glass breakage can lead to serious or even fatal injury. If impact with glazing does occur and the glass breaks, security Window Film works to hold glass together in place, lessening the risk and severity of injury. How Does Safety and Security Film Help In Adverse Weather Conditions? Powerful winds, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes can be damaging to people and property. Security Window Film may add shatter and tear resistance to glazing, helping it to absorb the impact of any debris, and helping the glass to remain intact during adverse weather conditions. Substantial damage can be caused by wind-borne debris colliding with glazing. In addition, if a window shatters and an opening is created, wind pressure inside a building may cause catastrophic damage. When the glass window remains in the window frame with security film, even if the glass itself has been shattered, the interior is more protected from the elements. What About Safety and Security Film and Blast Mitigation? The majority of injuries associated with bomb blasts are not caused by the blast itself, but by the glass shards from surrounding windows and doors that are blown out by the shock wave of the blast itself. Security Window Film helps to protect people and property by holding the glass together in the event of an attack. Are There Any Other Benefits Of Safety And Security Film? Security Window Film is cost effective and non-disruptive to install, and may offer a range of additional benefits such as improved thermal comfort, increased privacy and improved appearance. Based on proven energy savings, security films may also have a fast payback period. These films block 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays that contribute to fading of furnishings and cause harm to the skin in the form of cancers, cataracts and wrinkling. Information contained in this posting is courtesy of IWFA

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