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Does Anti-Graffiti Film Really Work?

Graffiti can look cool, it might even achieve “art” status. But there is a time and place for everything. When you have a business that is plagued by vandalism, then graffiti is far from cool. In fact, graffiti can be a nuisance that hurts a business, ruins the facade of the store, and means a lot of out-of-pocket expense to clean it all up. Indeed, graffiti can ruin the look and feel of a whole neighborhood when vandals choose to spray paint on the glass enclosure of a bus stop or windows on any structure downtown.

When it comes to graffiti on a painted surface, the fix can be relatively easy – just paint over it. When it comes to graffiti on glass windows, however, the fix is not so easy. Most times, to get rid of graffiti on a window or the side of a bus, soap and water won’t do the trick. Paint thinner will be useless against paint that has long dried.

Therefore, you are stuck replacing the window, usually at a high cost.

Essentially, the idea behind anti-graffiti film is to place it on any glass surface.

Then, if you have a vandalism incident where the surface is covered with graffiti, you simply pull the anti-graffiti film off.

As you pull off the film, you easily take off the offending graffiti as well.

Does Anti-Graffiti Film Have Other Good Benefits?

The answer to that question is an unequivocal “yes.” When you use anti-graffiti film on windows (remember, the film is virtually invisible), you are able to tap into some other phenomenal benefits beyond preserving the appearance of the exterior of your property. Those benefits include:

1)Lower Clean Up Costs. As noted, the ease of simply removing window film saves a bundle compared to replacing a window. Moreover, the time it takes to remove, and replace window film is much less than replacing an entire window.

2) Reduction in Repeat Vandalism. Also, as noted above, the ability to quickly and completely remove graffiti is a disincentive to vandals. In other words, graffiti artists like to have their “work” be visible for a very long time, particularly if it is connected to other criminal activity. So, if they see that their work is immediately taken down, they will go elsewhere.

3) Scratch Protection. In addition to the benefits above, anti-graffiti film, like other protective films will prevent scratching, scraping, etching, or other physical damage. And if someone tries to engage in a little etching anyway, then the film is ultimately removable.

4) Protect Any Furnishing Inside. Anti-graffiti film is like other window films in that it has anti-UV ray qualities. That means that harmful UV rays cannot get through a window and otherwise prematurely fade curtains, furnishings, or other products inside your business.


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