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How Dusted Crystal Architectural Window Film Helped Avery Dennison’s I.Lab Optimize Its Space

Case Study

Located in the Mentor, Ohio headquarters of Avery

Dennison’s Label and Graphic Materials Division, the

I.Lab is a showcase for the company’s Smartrac RFID

technology. It provides opportunities for customers

to interact with RFID-enabled products and

experience first-hand what the technology can do.

The I.Lab is part of the customer experience center

which consists of two spaces: the lab itself and a

customer meeting area connected through a 12-foot-

wide bank of glass with two sliding doors. This glass

was initially intended to allow a seamless light flow

between the spaces. In practice, however, the

transparency of the glass prevented both spaces

from being used simultaneously, as a group in one

area could be a distraction to a group in the other.

Dusted Crystal

Architectural Window Film

A simple yet effective solution was

needed — one providing privacy while

maintaining the overall aesthetics

of the I.Lab. As luck would have it,

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions

was preparing to launch an all-new

decorative architectural window film

called Dusted Crystal. The timing was

ideal: the I.Lab would provide a setting

to test the new product in a real-world

commercial application.

All-new Dusted Crystal film

has a breakthrough

quick-release adhesive

Avery Dennison Dusted Crystal

Architectural Window Film features

a frosted effect that many who manage

commercial spaces seek. It allows

for privacy while still transmitting

plenty of light.

But what sets apart this new offering is its

breakthrough ease of use. Its wet apply

quick-release clean adhesive allows the

film to be repositioned during installation,

or removed easily after drying while

leaving virtually no residue on the glass.

The adhesive also doesn’t permanently

stick to itself, potentially saving the

installer a lot of time and grief when

removing the film from its liner.

An installer is impressed

from the first pane of glass

The I.Lab installation was managed by

Rachel Schabroni of Solar Solutions

in Mentor, Ohio. Her family’s company

specializes in film installations for

commercial and residential spaces,

along with cars and boats. Founded in

1999, Solar Solutions today works all

over northern Ohio.

Rachel was impressed with the new

product from the start. “The Avery

Dennison Dusted Crystal is a lot less

stretchy than similar products from

competitors. It’s not as ‘vinyl-ly,’” said

Rachel. “The liner is easy to pull off, and

the adhesive is super simple to work with.”

When asked about the product's look, she

added: "How would I describe the color?

It's not as white as a white frost, and it

actually looks a little bit classier. It just

gives a nice opaque look to the window.”

Ease-of-removal is put

to the test… and passes!

The I.Lab project also provided a chance

to test the quick-release clean adhesive.

A dulled blade caused a small tear in the film

during installation. Rachel would typically

replace damaged film immediately. Instead,

she and the Avery Dennison team decided

to leave the film on the glass, let it dry for

several weeks, then return to remove it.

“The film came off like butter,” Rachel says.

“We just grabbed both sides from the top

and pulled it down as tight to the glass as

we possibly could. It only ripped in the spot

where it had torn, and that came off in a

single, separate piece. I was shocked at

how well it came off!”

A film that delivers ultimate

design flexibility

Because Avery Dennison Dusted Crystal

film is so easy to remove, space makeovers

are a snap. This is especially relevant in our

post-pandemic era, as many companies

are rethinking how they use office space.

They value products that can give them

greater flexibility as their needs evolve.

“Dusted Crystal allows for ultimate

design flexibility,” said Cassandra Yu,

Product/Segment Manager, Avery

Dennison Graphics Solutions. “We know

many business owners are adopting

a hybrid model, in which their spaces

need to be flexible based on who is in

the office. The quick-release adhesive

allows the film to be taken down quickly

if there's no longer a need for it.”

Cassandra continued: “The new film also

addresses many companies’ recognition

of the need to elevate their workplace

environment for comfort, health, and

wellness. The design flexibility helps

companies create a more appealing

space and make better use of natural

light while still enabling the privacy that

may be desired.”

And what about the I.Lab? The Smartrac

team is delighted with the outcome. “It

has a great look,” said Jay Wittmann,

Business Process Manager, Avery

Dennison Smartrac. “Dusted Crystal does

exactly what we need, providing privacy

between the spaces when the doors are

closed. But it doesn’t make those spaces

feel uninviting. It looks like it's frosted

glass, but it has the removability. It’s nice

to have that type of flexibility built in.”

Put a superior Dusted Crystal

film to work for your business

To learn more about Avery Dennison

Dusted Crystal, with its quick-release

clean adhesive, contact your

Avery Dennison representative.


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