Security Window Films


Clear Safety & Security Films

The SafetyZone range of safety and security window film improves home and workplace security by transforming their most vulnerable aspect – windows and glazing. Installing the right SafetyZone film can minimize the threat of glass-related injuries resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster.


Energy Efficiency and Glass Protection

Building codes and insurance policies often demand glazing that meets certain safety standards such as impact-resistant glass in schools to break-in or blast protection for retail locations.

Clear security window films are market leaders, delivering security solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.

 Safe films combine the shard protection of security films with high levels of energy efficiency for a significant return on investment. So, go beyond passive glazing protection. Install security laminates with their outstanding solar control properties and contribute to energy efficiency by reducing unwelcome heat buildup.


Anti-Graffiti films for glass and plastic

AG’s special scratch-resistant coating shrugs off most spray, paint and pen, and wipes clean with standard cleaning materials. Removing and replacing etched or scratched film is quick and simple due to the film’s easy-to-remove adhesive.